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Re: OT:Clicky switches and maybe microphonic guitar...

Mark - That ground/earth wire should be FIRMLY attached to the bridge, and to the ground/earth point in the guitar's electronics cavity. Switch clicks usually come from some bit of ghost voltage that discharges into the signal. A poor or weak ground/earth wire could certainly cause such a problem. Mucrophonics would probably be a different problem. Sounds like you could use a checkup with a good electronics-savvy repair person. Good luck!
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Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 9:50 AM
Subject: OT:Clicky switches and maybe microphonic guitar...

Upon arrival in Italy for my recent gig, I noticed at the soundcheck that the guitars onboard switches are clicking in the audio... something else had changed too, cant quite say if the guitar had become a bit microphonic, but there seems to be something, just not quite right.

Now it could be that something happened on the journey, but more likely its my installation of a Deusenberger Multibender. When I took off the old bridge, the cable for earthing the stuff to the fingers was just a loose thing hanging out and touching vaguely the old bridge, I installed the new bridge and did the same thing, but.. is that normal? And could dodgy shielding cause a switch to "click" in the audio path?