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Re: FCB1010 with Hardware Sampler?

Thanks all! I'm now considering selling the FCB1010 and getting a used Jamman for now, and when I'm next flush with cash I'll get a 12 step and 404!

On Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 2:35 PM, todd reynolds <toddreyn@gmail.com> wrote:
I'm a former FCB1010 user for many years and had no problem sending notes.  It takes a minute to learn how to program, or there is an easy iFCB editor from http://wabbitwanch.com to accomplish it, but it should 'just work' when notes are being sent.  

At the same time, I concur with Jeff.  I'm now a happy KMI softstep user, but all their products are phenomenal.  I haven't tried the 12 step yet,  but I'm sure it's grand.


Benjamin Whitehouse