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Re: (WAS Re: McMillan 12 step) GORDIUS

On Sun, Aug 18, 2013 at 9:20 PM, mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com> 
> Im assuming you mean Note Off as the Second message stream here Per?

Yes, of course! My typing fingers sometimes act out of brain control.

> One question RE the previous screen, the Presets Screen.
> Which column are you entering in here?
> I dont understand this page really. I can change the names of the 
> patches,
> but not sure which I want
> Patches Triggers Two State effects or Momentary effects.
> As far as I can tell theres not much difference between Triggers, and
> Momentary effects, and inded the help page says Triggers should be used 
> with
> loopers.
> But what exactly is thePOINT of choosing in this page, when, on the next
> page (Content) I can choose ANYTHING, notes PGM changes whatever, so I 
> cant
> see what this choice gives me?
> Thats it... so far.. Right now I'm just pasting in all this info, Thank 
> I have written it all down!

Well, chose the interface that suits you best. I usually only work in
the Presets page to type in what a switch shall send. Then I go
directly to the Banks page to hook up those patches to switches. I
have several alternative banks with different setups for different
rigs. Regarding the difference between "Triggers", "Patches" etc you
can just open up "Details" for one and you will see what option it
offers. Myself I mostly use Patches but also some Two-State effects
for saving space on my pedal (having each switch alternate between two
different MIDI Program change events gives me access to eight
different setups by only using four switches).

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen