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Re: OT: Who do I remind you of?

You know, I'd say don't worry to much about sounding like anyone much at all-- I think it would be smarter of CD Baby to say 'reccomended for fans of' -- I think I put down something like 'Autechre' 'Boards of Canada'-- I don't sound anything like those bands, but I think people who liked them would like my stuff, or at least the stuff I was making at the time. It's all gone a bit more abstract now....


On Tue, Sep 3, 2013 at 9:37 AM, William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com> wrote:
Thanks for the Feedback chaps,  I have a couple more fixes to do with the copy and I'll announce the release latter today or tomorrow
very appreciated

PS if I can't change anything at this  late  date, I'm stuck with Adrian Belew, Andy Summers, and Jeff Beck,  well at least with my hairline I look a bit  like Belew :)