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Re: Call for acts: San Antonio LoopFest - Nov 8th

Oh,  I love you, Noah.

It's always been my dream to do a loopfest in San Antonio (I spent many happy times there
during summers visiting my grandparents as a child).

I'm afraid I've just used up all of my touring money for the year, however, so I'll have to miss
it with truly great sadness.

Thanks for all you've done to promote live looping in our community.
It's so great to have you on board with so much energy and ambition.

You are awesome!

Rick Walker

On 9/3/2013 8:04 AM, Noah Peterson wrote:
Hey All;

Anybody going to be in San Antonio on Nov 8th?  Want to to play at the
first ever San Antonio LoopFest?  Shoot me an email or give me a phone

It's going to be a Boneshaker's Pizza and Tap House.  Boneshaker's is a
great tap house and bicycle repair joint on the outskirts of downtown San
Antonio known for it's great live music, 7 nights a week.  Cool staff,
solid sound, funky venue and a very creative vibe make this an ideal spot
for the inaugural year of the San Antonio LoopFest.

Gonna start small this year and see how it goes.  If you have Texas looper
friends, please let them know about it.  I'll be working hard to get this
off the ground and running.




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999 East Basse Road #180-117
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