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Re: Re: OT: Who do I remind you of?

On 9/3/2013 8:33 AM, Philip Clevenger wrote:
Am I the only one who hears a little Ry Cooder in Bill's playing?

I hear actually hear more Sonny Landreth and Daniel Lanois than Ry Cooder.
Of course, it's all subjective and it's all valid,

However, because I've grown up with Bill, I know how much he was effected, early on, by Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana, all the great lap steel electric players, John McLaughlin and the other great fusion guitarists, the whole Windham Hill crew, Ralph Towner and the other great ECM guitarists, all the great Central and West African guitar players, Ali Farka Toure, etc. And those are only the guitarists he's listened to, there are so many other influences in the stew, of course.

What is amazing to me, though, is that he has really forged a unique identity in his playing and doesn't sound anything like those musicians. He really has forged a singular style. I think that is exceptionally rare in the music world today and is a testimony to how hard he's worked, how much he knows and how talented he is.

Name checking people will just serve to get him out to more people so that they can hear him
as opposed to identifying his style.

At least that's my take.