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Re: Wheres the Gordius Forum?

OK I'm back to this one...
Anyway, back to example. 2 commands. One of them is the command for Record on a looper. I want to SAVE THAT COMMAND, and be able to bring it up and add it to any patch as I make it, and the other command, well it doesnt really matter what it is, just that i want to program it ONCE, and have it available in some kind of command pool, that I can drag into any switch when I want.

That's exactly what you have.

You program a patch/trigger and assign it to any switch.(in the Bank setup).

Sorry, but I think not.

On the bank page I select a bank to edit, or make anew one. Then in the middle column I select a switch, and double click, then I get a pop up to choode what kind of message (trigger patch etc) a long long list of them.
I can select ONE of them, not 2 or 8.

If I want to, for example, control 2 EDPs at th same time, I must back up a tab, to the Content Tab, and add two commands, one for each EDP, FROM SCRATCH!

Thats what Im talking about... As you suggested, if would be great to be able to attach 2 Presets (Gordius Presets, not EDP Presets) to the same button.

Over and out