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Re: Wheres the Gordius Forum?

mark francombe wrote:

OK I'm back to this one...
        Anyway, back to example. 2 commands. One of them is the command
        for Record on a looper. I want to SAVE THAT COMMAND, and be able
        to bring it up and add it to any patch as I make it, and the
        other command, well it doesnt really matter what it is, just
        that i want to program it ONCE, and have it available in some
        kind of command pool, that I can drag into any switch when I want.

    That's exactly what you have.

Sorry, but I think not.

What you have there looks to me like a description of how Gordius works on a preset>>switch level.

So you want 2 or more "COMMANDS" to assign to a switch? ...yeah, don't think it can be done.

A COMMAND(if it equals EDP record) would be, for record, a Note-On in the 
first message stream,
and a Note-Off in the second.

Otherwise you could use Gordius Macros to create COMMANDS and add as many as you wanted to a Preset, which is what I was going to suggest before I realised it wouldn't work.

The other way to do it is to create a bank of full of presets for controlling both machines.
...and create 2 more banks derived from it. (i.e. they'll automatically 
default to the same presets)

then for each of those banks create a special preset which sets the midi 
channel of the two
variables for your midi channels.
That preset is then made Default preset for the relevant bank.
So you'd go to the variables page, and name your midi channels EDP1 and 
If you happenned to have your edps on CH 1 and CH2
default preset for stereo bank does
EDP1 = 1
EDP2 = 2

default preset for just first edp does
EDP1 = 1
EDP2 = 3 (or some other channel that's free in your setup)

default preset for second edp......yeah, you got it I'm sure

So you only have to make 13 presets.

ps. you never have to start from scratch, Gordius presets can be copied 
using the controls at the bottom of the list