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Re: Re: midi visualizer vst?

I have been involved creating an "easy accesible tool" for just this for many years, but especially due to lack of time it is taking forever. However by far not forgotten, recently we just started from scratch with the visual engine once again... ;)

Otherwise I would also second using Jitter. Not that easy accesible but in the meantime very very capable...

On Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 5:30 AM, Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
Michael Peters  wrote:

    I posted this several years ago and there is still nothing that I
    find convincing. Or is there? a midi visualizer vst plugin?
    computers should be fast enough to do something nice.

*I'm not knowledgeable about this subject but at one point when I was working with Cycling '74
they had amazing software called JITTER which seemed like it was tailor made for this kind of interface.

You might just Google around for people who are working, visually, in Jitter

I saw one performance where members of Pepe Mogt's  Nortec Collective were
using Jitter to maniuplate old movie footage of Luciadors and Caballeros from
50's and 60' Mexican cinema.    It was such a cool show:

Not only did they female dancers in go go cages doing Fine Art Dancing not cheeseball, exploitive typical go go dancing
but they were cutting all of this Mexican Folkloric music and visuals in with a modern minimalist Techno/House
kind of vibe.

I've never seen a performance with more of a mixture of all ages participating than this gig in Mexicali
(after the 1st Mexicali Looping mini Festival) where there were 1,000 people from teenagers to octagenerians
all out dancing together.

It was inspirational:  incredible visuals, multi-generational involvement, celebration of "ancient" and modern culture and
a very creative artistic vibe.

They were using Jitter.

Rick Walker

ps and whoever name checked Tim Thompson had it spot on.      He just posted some beautiful
videos of the very hip Space Pallette camp he had at Burning Man with interactive audio and visuals
played by whatever Burners wandered in.