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CREATION of an INTERNATIONAL LIVE LOOPER TRAVELING DATABASE for connecting tours and creating new festivals


CARPE DIEM: to all the Live Loopers who have traveled a long or short distance to, and performed at an International Live Looping Festival:

I am so gratified that the International Live Looping Festival concept that we pioneered in 2001 has spread, this summer to London, Paris, Cologne, Berlin, Neunkirch (Switzerland) and in a few weeks, to Portland, Seattle, San Jose, Santa Cruz and San Antonio.

It suddenly occurs to me that with possible similar festivals planned next summer/fall in Florence, Rome, Vienna, Zurich, Zaghreb, Tallinn, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka, Bangkok, Manila with the addition of repeats in all the places that had them this year

....that we are now poised to create a DATABASE of live looping artists with contact numbers so that we can all, within our means, begin to travel to other cities and countries to continue our artistry.

To be willing to say to the Live Looping community, "I live in this city and I would gladly put you up for a couple of days if you came here to do a live looping gig that I produce for us", whether that gig be a one off event or a small or even large festival"
would greatly reduce the cost of travel and increase our community.

In that spirit, I would like to propose that we create such a list. replete with a photo, URL of website or sound/video examples, description/bio of yourself as an artist (brief) and contact information for other loopers to connect with you.

1) It will need to be collated before it is made public and should probably be
sent to an individual collaters e-mail list, instead of these forums
2) Whoever collates it (and I will volunteer if there are no other volunteers though I'm in the middle of coordinating the large main festival so it will take me a bit of time) should then post it to
       a) www.livelooping.org
       b) www.loopersdelight.com
       c)  this Loopers Delight Face Book Page as a document
       d)  any other relevant music forum that we think is appropriate
3) WHOEVER HAS ACCESS TO THIS LIST SHOULD PROMISE TO USE IT ONLY FOR THE PURPOSES OF CONNECTING OUR COMMUNITY and SHOULD NOT give it out for any other promotional purposes or sell it to anyone for commercial gain.

I would imagine that it would be easiest to send to an individual e-mail address for the time being .

Would anyone want to volunteer to help me with such a database (even just taking in information now until the Main Festival is over).

Rick Walker
founder Y2K13 International Live Looping Festivals