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Re: OT: CD release !! Paypal

Matt Davignon wrote:

Lastly, Paypal has a feature where you can use it to sell things on
your own website. I haven't had the time to do this yet, but you
allegedly fill in a few fields, and it creates a little button to pay.
When people do, it sends you an email with info about what they
ordered and their shipping address.

Yes, you fill in the form and it produces a bit of HTML code that you have 
to cut and paste into the HTML of your website.

It works really well...(given that I'm a "zero profile" artist).

I think it's even free if you only sell to Paypal accounts.

When someone attempts to pay by credit card the first time, you get an offer to upgrade your account. (more charges,
but still not a great chunk)

...but indeed, ....HTML editing may not be good for everyone.

Haven't tried it with Wordpress. (you'd think it would work
...but hey, it's Wordpress)