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Re: free promo codes for 64 track phrase iOS loopstation

I read the online info and this looks like an interesting looper.
Cool! Got some questions though:

I wasn't sure how many loops it can play back in parallel? The web
site makes it clear you can layer lots of overdubs into a loop, but
how many "voices" does the playback engine have? I guess it can't be
64 (as in the number of "tracks")? The web site also talks about four
"groups" - what is that? Can you group chosen loops to treat as a mix
group (like we call it on a console)? Or does the number 4 mean that
four loops can sound at the same time? I also wondered about what is
meant by "a phrase"? When a chunk of audio repeats it is usually
called "a loop" so what's different with these "phrases"?

Maybe you have a link to a more detailed description?

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

On Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 3:24 PM, Tristan Zand <zzz@zzz.ch> wrote:
> Hey live-looping friends.
> We've just updated our looper app on iOS and I've still got a few promo
> codes that will soon expire.
> I thought those of you who didn't yet want  to try it out since it's 64
> tracks and 4 phrase able now, so just leave me a note for a free one.
> Cheers
> ;)
> Z
> http://zzz.ch
> http://loopr.net