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Re: free promo codes for 64 track phrase iOS loopstation

Good questions.. ;)
Basically it's built to fit my daily needs so many functions and options are still work in progress...
We basically tried to make it more like 'hardware' for now, without too much preferences to tweak on.
There are 64 tracks, but actually we decided (because of memory limitations on some devices) to limit simultaneously played ones to 16 dispatched in 4 phrases (we could have offered a 64 tracks/voices in one phrase, but for user interface and other coherence choices in session construction we decided to lock it for now).
The groups are a concept linked to versions not out yet and to the graphical interface... Basically, the 16 tracks per phrase are logically linked in 4-packs/groups for usability. But I see that your question already includes the answer... and the update to come should make it clearer for all users.. ;)
Basically phrases are 'parts', groups are 'mix groups', tracks are 'voices'. So you could have a song structure like AABA expressed by phrase sequence 1-1-2-1 .
I didn't have time yet to update the website with the new descriptions of concepts and real-world examples... but should do it as soon as I get a bit more time.. damn all the small things can take soooo much time.
I hope I'm not confusing things even more with this answer! ;)
Oh and here's the promo code:
You can load it from the first page of the 'App Store' app on your phone (or from iTunes on your computer).
I hope you will find it fun and/or useful to use (it's still not optimal without a MIDI interface to control but hey, it works, and you'll get the updates ;) ),

On 30 sept. 2013, at 16:12, Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:

I read the online info and this looks like an interesting looper.
Cool! Got some questions though:

I wasn't sure how many loops it can play back in parallel? The web
site makes it clear you can layer lots of overdubs into a loop, but
how many "voices" does the playback engine have? I guess it can't be
64 (as in the number of "tracks")? The web site also talks about four
"groups" - what is that? Can you group chosen loops to treat as a mix
group (like we call it on a console)? Or does the number 4 mean that
four loops can sound at the same time? I also wondered about what is
meant by "a phrase"? When a chunk of audio repeats it is usually
called "a loop" so what's different with these "phrases"?

Maybe you have a link to a more detailed description?

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

On Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 3:24 PM, Tristan Zand <zzz@zzz.ch> wrote:
Hey live-looping friends.
We've just updated our looper app on iOS and I've still got a few promo
codes that will soon expire.
I thought those of you who didn't yet want  to try it out since it's 64
tracks and 4 phrase able now, so just leave me a note for a free one.