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Bidule+Mobius glitches


Anyone else out there using mobius as a plug-in (AU) to bidule? And crazy enough to do things like hit a speed shift controller whilst mobius is multiplying? That causes a freeze on my setup - the dreaded SBBOD (macbook pro/ bidule .9732/ mobius2.5)!

Now the obvious answer is not to hit silly combinations of buttons, but that's just one of the (random) ways I work! Now it doesn't seem to be entirely down to the combination (which includes softstep & my own home-brewed controller group), since mobius as standalone will simply reset the loop upon the same combination of commands from GUI buttons. As plug-in, a force-quit generates a monster report which certainly involves a lot of 'semaphore - wait' calls, so I'm wondering whether it's worth trying to pursue this as a bug, or to find a way of preventing myself from indulging in such practices (I know - I'll go deaf.... :)

In an ideal world of course, one should be able to abuse the software all one likes, & although it might not respond the way you expect/want, it wouldn't crash.That's asking a lot I know, but I just wondered.......

Dave Draper

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