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Re: Bidule+Mobius glitches

It's a bug.  Before the advent of the continuous speed shift control,
changing speeds 
with a function would first end the multiply rounding up to a cycle, then
change speeds.  With
the speed shift control we're now getting a series of closely spaced speed
changes which 
apparently triggers the bug.

I doubt standalone, VST, or AU make a difference.

On 10/23/13 5:39 AM, "Dave Draper" <dh.draper@virgin.net> wrote:

>Anyone else out there using mobius as a plug-in (AU) to bidule? And
>crazy enough to do things like hit a speed shift controller whilst
>mobius is multiplying? That causes a freeze on my setup - the dreaded
>SBBOD (macbook pro/ bidule .9732/ mobius2.5)!