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Re: New Boomerang software

Hi Mike,

so as you're using the term "Brother Sync" does that mean
that you can just start playing and any Rang that's connected will take on 
the role of Master?

It's always a bit strange when other manufacturers start using terms that 
were coined to designate EDP specific functions, the implication is that 
the function has been duplicated while the reality is often just that the 
words have been just picked up somewhere along the way (well after all, 
they aren't copyright)

The term "brother sync" is pretty specific (or was) and does (did?) mean that the master>>slave relationship can be freely assigned without re-cabling.
Also there's a danger that users will expect that EDP and Boomerang can be 
connected together!
Although, it *would* be fantastic if there was a common protocol for this.

Either way it's great to see the most powerful looper currently available 
gaining another valuable feature.


Mike wrote:
Hi folks,
We have a new version of software that allows multiple Rang(TM) IIIs to be synced WITHOUT any MIDI clock, and are looking for folks to check it out. It's free, of course, and can be easily downloaded, but makes no sense to do so unless you have more than one III. This new software, to be dubbed V3.1 when released, has only one new feature, this "brother sync" concept. You'll need MIDI cables connecting the IIIs. I was testing with 3 Rang(TM) IIIs and had some impressive results: 12 loops could be started and stopped and played together.

If you're interested, send me an email and I'll reply with 2 attached files: .mid software file (downloaded to the III with a MIDI file player) and a .doc file describing the software.