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Re: EHX 2880 or 45000 users say it loud say it proud!

Happy to see you write about the 45000;

@ Rusty :

It seems then that on the ehx 2880/45000 a loop consists of 4
independant tracks and a stereo master track.
These independant tracks are all the same length and cannot be played
independantly, they must be synced.
To move from loop to loop, these loops must be saved on the card.
And, if I wanted to use more than one loop in a song, for a
verse/chorus for example, then I would have to recall the second loop
from the card, or begin building it.
I imagine that one can program a midi pedal to save a loop, then
switch between loops, forward and backward.
It sounds very powerful.

yes, 100% yes !

I suppose I could use a drum machine, but that complicates things more. :-)

yes, it's my choice, for exemple a Boss DR-880, or a MPC

@ Charles :

The question of individual track replacement is an interesting one.
In the Reggie Watts demonstration on youtube he appears to swap the
bass line for a new one and then goes back to the original bass line
without interrupting the  groove.
How is this achieved on the 45000?

in fact, he use 2 different loops : he first build one (verse for exemple) with all the tracks, and then on 4:05 he start to build the second one (for exemple chorus), on the fly I rather prepare my loops, with nothing on it (I left blank) just to have the right duration, using the QUANTIZE function, wich is great used with a midi sync drum machine or workstation : you have EXACTLY the right duration for your loop, depending of the bar duration on other midi machines. That way, all is perfectly sync, and fit exactly.

@ Rusty :

It sounded to me like he began a new loop, with a new bass line and a
new rhythm pattern, sang over that for a bit, then went back to the
original one.

yes, exactly !

Sure would be cool if it is possible to play tracks from two loops at
the same time. :-)

no, this is not possible, only 1 loop (4 + 2 tracks) at a time

@ Neal :

BTW, EHX should allow a playing loop to be saved to any loop slot, not just the playing loop's slot.

it is not possible on the 45000, but if you insert the SDCard in a computer, you can do it, just rename the track number, after copying it

@ Charles :

In the case of Reggie Watts demonstration, he has the "beat" on one track, the "percussion (hi-hats)" on another, the bass on another, and the harmonies on a fourth.

yes, this is the multi-track concept of the 2880/45000, very powerfull : one instrument on one track, and PAN and Volume for each track Reggie Watts use 4 track, but if he press "TRACK SELECT" one more time, he can use the MIXDOWN track as an other track, in stereo, so he have 5 different tracks : 4 with a PAN and 1 in stereo

After reading the 45000 manual, the ONLY differences I can see between the 2880 and the 45000 are these:

in fact, here are the differences I notice, using the 2880 and the 45000 (I own the 2) :

- due to multi-loop, we can now simply do intro/verse/chorus/bridge/outro... "If the 45000 is playing back a loop and you change loop numbers, the Foot Controller will blink the new loop number indicating that you are currently playing back a different loop. The 45000 will change to the new loop number once the current loop has played out to its end point."
100 loops on each SD card, as many cards as we want, hot plug...

- loop change with a midi pedalboard : I program my pedalboard to have for each song => intro switch 1/verse switch 2/chorus switch 3/bridge switch 4/outro switch 5 and I choose the best time in song to switch from one to another, VERY simple (it's better to be simple on stage...). This is a power feature : you can run the bridge as long as you want on live...

- 34 pro rythm are included on the 45000, these ARE FREE : YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THEM HERE even if you are not a 45000 owner (Thx EHX) for another looper for exemple : http://www.ehx.com/assets/ehx-45000-drum-loops-v1.zip

- SD cards (the 2880 was CF cards) from 4 to 32Go, mine was with a 4 Go, but I have now other cards, for other projects (and 1 in spare for Live!...)

- import / export audio files from computer is more easy than with the 2880, perfect for backtrack (.WAV in 44.1kHz and 16-bit)

- new sync MIDI mode : "EXT.CLOCK" button have now 3 states in place of 2 : "Full Ext. Clock Mode", "Beat Sync Ext. Clock Mode"...

- monitor out : same as headphone out, but mono (good for pedal output for exemple)

- different pedalboard : we win loop up and down, but lost REVERSE, OCTAVE and NEW LOOP switchs :(

- SD card reader is hot plug : you can switch SD card during live without powering off the 45000, just stop the loop and change the card, fast and easy, great for the live!...

Best Regards,