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FS: Oberheim Matrix 1000. Excellent shape

I'm selling some analog rack synths. Everything is in top shape and tested.

FS: Oberheim Matrix 1000 - Asking $325.00 US

Six Voice Polyphonic all analog monster in a simple single rack space
unit. 1000 Presets including 200 User definable patch locations.
Modulations and analog filters out the wazoo.

Pictures of actual unit: http://daedsound.com/Salez/FS.htm

This unit is in excellent shape. All Buttons, Lights, LED screen, Midi
i/o, etc are working fine.

A generic Demo Video with sound examples: 

Quick Specs: 6 voices Each with two analog oscillators, a low pass filter,
2 VCA's, 3 envelope gens, 2 LFO's, and 2 ramp gens.

Used actual sold prices seem to range from $350-$550. I am asking $325 for
a unit in top shape. Pick up in Phila Pa or buyer pays shipping costs. If
you think this price is not reasonable email and  make it a dead easy sale
(ie: pick up with cash, etc) and we'll talk.

Prefer USPS MO but if I know you I may take paypal personal from a
confirmed address. Email for details. This is for sale locally and that
would be first preference but I'll listen to quick and good buyers
anywhere. 20+ years of references online and off.

Possibly trades for EH POG2 pedal, ModcanA modules.

Will be posting a Roland MKS7 soon as well, also in top shape.


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