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Re: Y2K14 in Livorno - communication #4 (and last)

Thank you Massimo !

it has been great to be in Livorno, play at that beautiful festival and meet old and new friends and great musicians.

It is also important you to know that, thanks to this festival, I have had the chance to put together a great team of volunteers to make the fist Brescia Loop Fest to happen.
If Livorno didn't happen, Brescia wouldn't have either.

So one more reason to say THANK YOU Massimo and all the kind, helpful, good people who worked with you !

and thanks a lot for all videos and audio !

My best,

Il 01/06/2014 14:38, Massimo Liverani ha scritto:
Hi to all the people that joined the ILLF  Y2KX+4 in Livorno:
At first i'd like to thanks all the guys that helped me in primis
Fabio and Mario that supported me and the fest and then Giorgio,
Francesco of NTC and at last (but non least) all the Musician that
joned the fest.

During these days i worked on editing the audio and publishing the
video of the Live recordings. For the audio unfortunately the first day of the gig
there has been problems with the connection of my digital recorder to the mixer
so i got in in part. For the video i got only the 2nd and 3rd gig and i'm waiting
for Paolo (he got in his iPad) for publishing the 1st gig videos.

So theese are the links:
for audio:
for videos:

Let me know if someone doesn't want to be published in FB on our web pages etc,
i'll provide to unpublish the video as soon as i can.

thanks again to you all and see you soon.
Long live looping!