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Electricity Album (Album spam slightly OT)

Hi All, 


My electronic band "Electricity" is working on its first album and we are trying to release on both CD and vinyl, which is becoming quite a big deal here, which is nice. Vinyl record shops popping back up all over the place!

Anyway, the album is called "Plant" and is composed of modular synths, vintage synths, home-made devices and some looping.

In order to be able to be able to afford to release on vinyl at the same time as CD, we are hoping to get a few "pre-sales". This is for the CD version only, which includes digital download.
The fun bit is that right now, you get whatever bits and pieces we are working on, on a temporary album called SEED. (seed > plant.. geddit?) This SEED album is download only of rough mixes and unfinished bits and bobs, and will be removed as soon as Plant is finished.

Please, BUY NOW and get PLANT later, while watching it grow from SEED!

Heres the link!




Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe