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Re: An acknowledgement of ALL who have produced LIVE LOOPING FESTIVALS around the WORLD

Thanx Rick,and more so to you for putting so much effort to keep this 
I would have never met so many wonderful people from so many parts of the 
It has been worth evry moment of it and a fantastic experience
Keep on rocking!

> On 31.05.2014, at 13:15, Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
> The Parisian Live Looping Festival is One Years Old!
> Thanks to Emmanuel Reveneau's vision and hard work and all of the hard 
> work of the wonderful team he has assembled TWICE in the last year.
> The International Live Looping Festiival is so much better, this year  
> because of the dedication of Manu, Joel Gilardini, Fabio Anile and 
> Massimo Liverani and Noah Peterson!!!!!!!    We also  have wonderful 
> newbies coming soon in in France, Italy and Las Vegas.................
> Not to mention:
> The wonderful past work of Bernhard Wagner (Switzerland), Jana Honneger 
> (Switzerland),  Per Boysen (Sweden),Miro Mantere (Finland), Sjaak 
> Overgauw (Belgium),  Leander Reininghaus (Germany) , Andreas Willers 
> (Germany),  Michael Peters (Germany) , David Cooper Orton (England), 
> Georgina Brett (England), Andy Butler (England), Gareth Whittock 
> (Wales), Paul Marshall (Northern Ireland), Ricky Graham (Northern 
> Ireland), Bill Walker (USA), Hans Lindauer (USA), Peter Koniuto (USA), 
> Luis Angulo (Mexico/Germany),  Luca Formentini (Italy), Bruno Kleinefeld 
> (Italy), Sunao Inami (Japan), Ryusei Hattori (Japan), Hideki Nakanishi 
> (Japan), Randold Arriola (Singapore) .
> Jeez,  have I missed anyone, so far?  Please forgive me if I have.
> Someone should really write this all down for the history 
> books..................seriously!   In every single grad thesis I've 
> seen written about our movement,  I've never seen an acknowledgement of 
> ALL of the people who stuck their necks out and produced Live Looping 
> Festivals out of the goodness of their hearts!
> Our entire movement is highly dedicated to all those who have and all 
> those who served selflessly (and frequently, namelessly) to make these 
> event possible!
> CHEERS TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!