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Re: edp memory question

>At 04:21 AM 01-06-97 -0700, you wrote:
>>for the love of god p[lease take me off this damn list
>Kim, it sounds like you should have a separate section for list removal on
>the LD index page. (:

of course, there is a page on the web site. :-) There's also instuctions
sent when you join the list, which most people save and use when they need
them. There are now two different help files full of helpful instructions
and common errors that get sent automatically if you try to use the
subscription server but make a mistake. There are many helpful people who
will be happy to answer an email from some "lostsoul" who asks politely,
people who's email addresses should be pretty obvious to anyone on the
list. There's even a filter that checks posts sent to the list to see if
someone is sending a subscription request to the wrong place, and routes
them to the subscription server. That seems to get 99.99% of the people
through the process just fine. Unfortunately, there's always a few who
can't figure it out no matter how much help they're offered, and I usually
end up helping them manually when I do list maintenance once a week. But
then at the very bottom there's always someone who manages to be a jerk to
everyone while not managing to go to the slightest amount of effort on
their own, and instead sends irritating messages to the entire list.
Welcome to the human race, eh? You get some of everything. I usually let
that latter category suffer for a while, just for my own sadistic
pleasure.... >:-)


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