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Re: edp memory question

>of course, there is a page on the web site. :-)

I meant a separate neon blinking, hypertext link for slobbering fools, the,
I didn't know I was getting into a mailing list and didn't read the
directions and have never been responsible for my reactions but I'll darn
well swear about it, 1%. I just harp on it because it happens so often.
I'm really learning quite a bit listening to the discussions here, and it
gets tiring to hear someone bleeping about the iniquities of this when
A)they haven't read everything, even on the site, B) when I see pointless
friction on their, and the list's part, to deal with their non-loopy 
>Welcome to the human race, eh? You get some of everything. I usually let
>that latter category suffer for a while, just for my own sadistic
>pleasure.... >:-)

You ever worked with Trent Reznor? :)