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FingerPaint Primary Colors: BLUE

Hey Fellow Loopers, check this out.......

Now Available from FNGP Records is the long awaited first CD release from
FingerPaint, Primary Colors: BLUE. Ths 72 minute release is the first of a
box set featuring FingerPaint's dark and dreamy aural interpretations of
Blue. FingerPaint continues to explore the edges of live looping techniques
and textural improvisations, producing a music that is cinematic in scope.
Let FingerPaint take your heart and mind on a journey.

FingerPaint is a guitar-driven illbient duo from Takoma Park, MD.
FingerPaint released their first cassette on FNGP, Enormous Swirling Sound
in the fall of 1996. ESS generated many Fanzine reviews and achieved
regular airplay on college radio stations and on syndicated electronic
music programs in Canada and Europe. With their new CD Primary Colors:
BLUE, FingerPaint has generated  soundscapes ranging from "restrained
beauty" to "sinister and alien."

1. Rain
2. Running With the Flood
3. Alone, on a Beach
4. Deep Into the New World
5. Measuring the Storm
6. Blue Sky Darkening
7. Points Versus Waves
8. Blues Unexpected

The Official release date is June 10, 1998. However to memebrs of this
community Primary Colors: BLUE is available for $10 post paid in the United
States, Canada, and the UK up until June 10th. For other countries contact
me direct for mailing rates.To secure your copy at this rate:

1. e-mail me to reserve your copy.

2. Send a check or money order payable to: Patrick Smith

3. Mail to PO Box 5364
           Takoma Park, MD 20913

Please forward this message as you see appropriate.



 ***  ***    ** Fingerpaint http://www.his.com/~patrick/FNGP.html  ***  **