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Re: FingerPaint Primary Colors: BLUE

On Mon, 1 Jun 1998, Patrick Smith wrote:

> Hey Fellow Loopers, check this out.......
> Now Available from FNGP Records is the long awaited first CD release from
> FingerPaint, Primary Colors: BLUE. Ths 72 minute release is the first of 
> box set featuring FingerPaint's dark and dreamy aural interpretations of
> Blue. FingerPaint continues to explore the edges of live looping 
> and textural improvisations, producing a music that is cinematic in 
> Let FingerPaint take your heart and mind on a journey.

Indeed! I've had the fortune to have already snatched up a copy and I
highly recommend it to all lovers of loopage.


       "...if one strives at hearing for the sake of constant virtue,
       out of seeking liberation from cyclic existence, gradually one 
                           becomes a Hearer."
                           - Chandrakirti

              T h e   D a r k   A e t h e r   P r o j e c t