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Re: FingerPaint Primary Colors: BLUE

>On Mon, 1 Jun 1998, Patrick Smith wrote:
>> Hey Fellow Loopers, check this out.......
>> Now Available from FNGP Records is the long awaited first CD release 
>> FingerPaint, Primary Colors: BLUE. Ths 72 minute release is the first 
>of a
>> box set featuring FingerPaint's dark and dreamy aural interpretations of
>> Blue. FingerPaint continues to explore the edges of live looping 
>> and textural improvisations, producing a music that is cinematic in 
>> Let FingerPaint take your heart and mind on a journey.
>Indeed! I've had the fortune to have already snatched up a copy and I
>highly recommend it to all lovers of loopage.

I second that! Nice stuff guys! been enjoying it.

Although, I've had trouble with the cover. It looks fantastic, but its
purple, and NOT blue! I'm sure this must have some deep meaning. I've been
staring and staring at it, hoping it would somehow come to me.....;-)


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