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Re: Looping in Classical Music

        I would guess that the future of looping, at least in the classical
sphere, will amount to more technically precise variations on what has
already happened, with an occasional flash of creative brilliance.
Prerecorded loops will likely always be the "ambience" or "accompaniment"
to a played-live piece.  The area in which looping seems most prevalent is
percussion music.  I think this aspect is most likely to change in the near
>       Then again, I thought the disco revival would be a quickly passing 
. .

Are you suggesting that creative brilliance is on the way out with computer
programs invited to control and simplify matters?  Would you consider
Metalheadz's "Platinum Breakz" or drum n bass a lack of such?  While this
might not be cosidered an altruists looping cd, they still even by, I
guess, software, seem to produce something approaching creative brilliance
for drum n bass dance music.