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RE: Looping in Classical Music

Are you suggesting that creative brilliance is on the way out with computer
programs invited to control and simplify matters?  Would you consider
Metalheadz's "Platinum Breakz" or drum n bass a lack of such?  While this
might not be considered an altruists looping cd, they still even by, I
guess, software, seem to produce something approaching creative brilliance
for drum n bass dance music.   



        I was not attempting to make some lofty statement about the 
flourish or decline of creative brilliance.  Technology (software, in this 
case) is a tool that creative people will, by their own nature, most 
likely use creatively (no different than the string orchestra as a tool).  
I consider computers to be potential instruments, the same as violins or 
guitars.  Some people will make music and/or art from them, some will not. 
 As far as your reference to Metalheadz, I can't comment, as I haven't 
heard their work.
        I was speaking more specifically about the Classical area of 
music, where the mastering of technique is a traditional concern and 
priority.  Just as a beginning student spends seemingly endless, and often 
miserable,  hour upon hour (I speak from experience) practicing his 
4-voice counterpoint in the style of Bach, I imagine the modern composers 
who are exploring looping technology will first need to "cut their teeth" 
on the techniques before the largest creative output arrives.  There are 
always exceptions, however.  As Robert Fripp says, (sorry to any 
Fripp-heads, but I'm paraphrasing) "Technical proficiency through diligent 
practice must often be achieved to realize true creativity".

                Jon Grant
                Tian Music