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DJ loopage/shortwave addendum

For a really classic loop experience try scanning the shortwave band for
a numbers station. These are the stations that the various intelligence
organisations use to stay in contact with their agents in the field.
Most have a call sign that repeats constantly for up to an hour or so.
This is then followed by the body of the message - a voice dictating a
series of seemingly random numbers. These stations are often heard in
morse as well. Forget copyright problems on these, 'cos you're not even
meant to know they exist (the Czechs are the only country to admit
publicly to their use). I've recorded some examples by accident when
sampling off the shortwave, not knowing what they were, but Irdial discs
released a double CD of examples (can't remember their URL offhand, but
I'm sure you can find it - there's also a site dedicated to monitoring
these stations)


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