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Re: DJ loopage / Sampling

In a message dated 98-06-01 17:17:40 EDT, you write:

<< Brian Eno and David Byrne actually gave us a good
 lesson in terms of what NOT to do, for once, in "My Life In The Bush
 With Ghosts," which included recordings of radio broadcasts, but only
 were described as "slippery politician on political call-in program",
 or something like that.  As a result there is a second pressing of the
 LP and CD, which not only has the acknowledgements (indicating also
 that someone else had to get paid in addition to getting credit), but
 is missing a track "Quran", which includes an apparently forbidden
 recording of someone reading the Book-in-question. >>

Drag...that's the only tune on that record I liked

Ken R