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Re: Looping and Composing

From:          "Stephen P. Goodman" <sgoodman@earthlight.net>

>>>>>                                                   ..  Sometimes I 
>start out with
the base loop running on the Ol' Time Machine for days at a time, and
mentally or physically work with possible melodies to go with it.  One
thing I've found quite interesting is that, when one goes into another
room, while the loop's playing, it's possible to "hear" different
songs entirely.  On occasion inspiration for variations on the piece,
or complete other songs altogether (in one case, a suite), have
emerged from this process.   <<<<<<<<<<

I have also found this (other room mental composing) - I think its 
great! Its like if the loop is a good one it will be a fertile 
breeding ground for new ideas and depending on where you stand 
(literally) you can get whole different perceptions. A good loop from 
another room can sometimes sound like a completely new song with 
a whole new dynamic you wouldn't have heard just from listening. The 
human brain is marvelous the way it tends to fill in the gaps.
Yay for large brained mammals!