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Re: Looping and Composing


I enjoyed this comment -- it reminded me that I have to do this sort of
thing while composing. On a another note, I thought I'd let you know
that my ASR is in the shop still and I am a bit behind in sending you
stuff. I won't be able to make any disk copies 'til I get it back. Might
be a couple of more weeks.


Tim Fitzsimons wrote:
> From:          "Stephen P. Goodman" <sgoodman@earthlight.net>
> >>>>>                                                   ..  Sometimes I 
>  out with
> the base loop running on the Ol' Time Machine for days at a time, and
> mentally or physically work with possible melodies to go with it.  One
> thing I've found quite interesting is that, when one goes into another
> room, while the loop's playing, it's possible to "hear" different
> songs entirely.  On occasion inspiration for variations on the piece,
> or complete other songs altogether (in one case, a suite), have
> emerged from this process.   <<<<<<<<<<
> I have also found this (other room mental composing) - I think its
> great! Its like if the loop is a good one it will be a fertile
> breeding ground for new ideas and depending on where you stand
> (literally) you can get whole different perceptions. A good loop from
> another room can sometimes sound like a completely new song with
> a whole new dynamic you wouldn't have heard just from listening. The
> human brain is marvelous the way it tends to fill in the gaps.
> Yay for large brained mammals!
> Tim