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samples and loopage....

In a message dated 98-06-01 17:18:06 EDT, sgoodman@earthlight.net writes:

 If you want to run a recording of, say, Sam Donaldson, talking about
 Watergate in a1974 after Nixon's resigning, you have to get
 permission, or someone at some point will come up and demand you pay
 them. >>

Well, I have to throw in my two cents....

while I use a lot of "unprocessed" samples in my stuff, I try to make sure
that anything that is recognizable is processed to the point where it's not
actionable. For example, I might pull a bit synth loop from a trailer to an
obscure film, but I am not going to take a James Brown bass and drum loop 
just put a vocal over it! 

I firmly believe that you should grab whatever you want, but you should 
it your own (through processing, re-arranging, or otherwise), so that if
somehow it *does* get recognized, it's "oh, hey, isn't that from such-and-
such? That's cool" rather than "hey, he lifted the entire chorus from such-
and-such, and is now just singing over it". 

Go and listen to what Public Enemy's producers, The Bomb Squad, did with 
extremely primitive gear (compared to what todays' equipment can do), and 
of determination, then compare it to most any "sample heavy" stuff you hear
these days.... 

Sorry if this doesn't have enough "loop" content, Kim. 

- Bill