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Re: DJ loopage

-----Original Message-----
From: matthew hahn <esker@mail.utexas.edu>
To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>
Date: Monday, June 01, 1998 1:00 PM
Subject: DJ loopage

>OK so I finally have some time and soon some disposable income, consumer
>boy, and will be submitting some demo tapes to local dance clubs in 
>I'm interested in bringing in some effects.  Essentially I play cds, and
>lps as my DJ mixer standardly has two cd channels and two lp channels.
>If anyone has used a delay or other pedal/mechanism for this purpose, I
>would like to know some results you acquired.
>I'm also considering bringing in sounds from the television, or live radio
>broadcast, maybe I'll just run static, but I wonder if anyone has done
>this? And I don't mean U2.
>Thanks for the help!!
>Mjh, I'm a dj ,and I have a studio that I spend almost every hour of
my time in.  I use an Mpc 2000 for live work aswell as in the studio..  I
also have an efx box tied in
to every line input, 4 total.  I use aDenon 2000F for cd mixing and
technics 1200 MK2's for turntables.
]I use Cubase for arranging then I load every thing in the Mpc for
it's excellent timming.  I'll take the Mpc to the club, so I can mix in
loops and fire off one shot samples.  I use loops that I programed
myself or loops that I choped using ReCycle or Wave Sergeon.  This gives me
total flexability over my loops  when mixing since most of the time I'll 
something off the wall like a 160 Bpm Jungle loop at 125 or a 125 bpm break
beat at 160; I do the same
with hip hop wich can go as low as 80 Bpm.  I like using a Chopping 
because it gives you a midi file for perfect play
back.  The Mpc is perfect for doing this because its' start time is 
as fast or faster than my Denon.  This way I can mix in a loop that fatens
up the record that's playing and go scratch for a few bars,it's perfect for
tricks.  You can have a loop of some killer
bongos or gongos or some snare rolls from a break beat and mix
in on top of a house track that otherwise is pretty dull on the percussion
end, but has a killer bass line or lead.  My point is you can pump up a
track with a loop when other wise you may not play
the record at all.  Say you want to add some bass booms to a couple of bars
in the middle of a track boom boom the crowd goes mad because you have
introduced a new ellement.  You have
to let go of long mixes when using loops because of set up time.
A good 20 second mix on a break or punch is all you need from one song to
the next.  The efx boxes are for adding efx to a track ,like
short delay to get a double beat effect or a flange even a massive
reverb when a track is building up, this adds major heat to the floor.  I
use middi verbs, so I can change parameters with my controller.  The thing
about using loops, one shot sounds, and efx
is it gives you the creater a unique sound all of your own that no
one can duplicate.  It only takes a little, less is more, but it can make
the difference between ok or great.  A straite beat mixer can get a little
boring. You need a good fade and cue for drastic tempo and style change, a
good break mix hear and there to add punch when comming from a less
energetic track to a higher one,
loops, one shot dub samples, some efx, a little creativity, and a killer
light man, even if you have to train him.
                                                        Dj MegaFun.