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Re: Remove from list! Please

> >>>>> Is this guy angry cause people are jumping ship or what?  <<<<<
> Duh!  Maybe he's tired of dimwits who can't follow the most basic
> instructions ( and even when they send an email containing these
> instructions they can't seem to work out how to actually use them)
> If it was anywhere near April 1st I could have let this one slide but
> seriously, you must be joking! Why don't you get of your arse, read
> the exact same message you sent to the list and do it yourself!
> Somebody UNSUDSCRIDE this person so we can increase our average IQ a
> few points!

Don't mess wit me an da homies on dth' Loopahs D-lite list!  We bust yo 
ass up!

But seriously folks, why is it they can find the instructions on how to 
sign up,
but not sign off?