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Re: Remove from list! Please

Tim Fitzsimons wrote:

> > Looks like its time for another episode of "irritated list owner's
> > unsubscribing diatribe." Enjoy.
> > OK, I don't say this very often (or ever), but seems like this is a 
> > time, since I'm now completely sick of spending so much time helping 
> > with this.
> >
> > Subscribing and Unsubscribing to this mailing list, as with every other
> > mailing list on the entire Internet, is *AUTOMATED ON A SERVER*. That 
> > that there is a computer where you send the request, and it handles it
> > automatically. There are *NO HUMANS* involved in this process. If you 
> > a message like this to the list, there is no human (or at least no 
> > human) who will then go and send the commands to the server for you. 
> > have to do it all by yourself!
> > - There is only one way to spell the word "subscribe" and only one way 
> > spell "unsubscribe."  Never in my life could I have imagined how many 
> > people could come up with to misspell these words. If the email has 
> > one word in it, is it really so hard to check that you've spelled it 
> > - If you get an error from the server from your request mail, don't 
> > the exact same thing to the server 600 times. Expecting different 
> > from the exact same actions is one definition of insanity. It's 
> > also an indicator of pure, unadulterated stupidity. Try to be above 
> >
> > - this is really not complicated. Just follow the directions, and you 
> > be fine!
> >>>>> Is this guy angry cause people are jumping ship or what?  <<<<<
> Duh!  Maybe he's tired of dimwits who can't follow the most basic
> instructions ( and even when they send an email containing these
> instructions they can't seem to work out how to actually use them)
> If it was anywhere near April 1st I could have let this one slide but
> seriously, you must be joking! Why don't you get of your arse, read
> the exact same message you sent to the list and do it yourself!
> Somebody UNSUDSCRIDE this person so we can increase our average IQ a
> few points!

  hate to tell ya, but un "sud"^ sc "ride" will get you as far as 
with this list.
I've tried it 6 times now. Is this a loop joke? Unsubscribe repeatedly for 
measures at 120 BPM and
you finally get off? I'm killing myself to get away from this