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Re: Remove from list! Please

At 09:28 PM 6/8/98 -0400, LORI <looperanne@earthlink.net> wrote:
>> Duh!  Maybe he's tired of dimwits who can't follow the most basic
>> instructions ( and even when they send an email containing these
>> instructions they can't seem to work out how to actually use them)
>> If it was anywhere near April 1st I could have let this one slide but
>> seriously, you must be joking! Why don't you get of your arse, read
>> the exact same message you sent to the list and do it yourself!
>> Somebody UNSUDSCRIDE this person so we can increase our average IQ a
>> few points!
>  hate to tell ya, but un "sud"^ sc "ride" will get you as far as 
>with this list.
>I've tried it 6 times now. Is this a loop joke? Unsubscribe repeatedly 
>for 64
>measures at 120 BPM and
>you finally get off? I'm killing myself to get away from this

No, you haven't come close to following the directions correctly yet! 
done it completely wrong every single time. You've only yourself to blame 
that one. The directions have been posted repeatedly in the past couple of
weeks, mostly because of you. Why don't you try reading them? In the time
you spent typing those exclamation points and wasting our time, you could
have been off! I'm with Tim, you are a dimwit. You're also being a jerk,
which is why nobody is going to much effort to help you out.

Dozens of people have subscribed and unsubscribed without any trouble 
the time in which you have been whining to everyone. As most people
discover, it's quite easy. Wanna know how they did it? THEY FOLLOWED THE
DIRECTIONS! Gee, where do they get the directions? Here are some ideas for
future reference:

- keep the directions for unsubscribing you got when you joined the list.
*that's why they were sent to you!*

- Lost the directions? go to the website for the list and read the
directions posted there. 

- Not sure where the website is? Try looking at the address where the list
comes from, and start there. Or, go to a search engine and search for the
list name.(Or, try looking at all the replies you got the last few times 
posted this crap. Numerous people told you where the site is.)

- Don't have web access? Look at the email addresses of the people who post
to the list. Gee, I wonder if one of them might know? Instead of bothering
the whole list, send somebody private email and POLITELY ask them if they
would mind sending you the directions, since you didn't bother to keep 
Chances are, they will be happy to send them to you.

- Look at the people who post to the list, and see if one of them happens 
be the list maintainer. I bet that person knows! That'll be the one who's
email address comes from the same domain as the list, and who has a sig 
with all the list info in it, including the subscription address. Send that
person a polite mail and ask for help. Usually that person is in a better
mood than he is at the moment, and will happily help you out when he gets a
chance. Remember, be polite, because all list maintainers quickly develop a
low tolerance for assholes and prioritize their demands for attention
somewhere below volunteering for experimental medical treatments. 

- check the recent list postings to see if anyone has posted the 
instructions. (or in your case, try reading the replies you got last time.)

- Do not post to the list until you have exhausted every other possibility.
If you must do this, be extremely polite, as you will be annoying hundreds
of people, and ask for help. Being an ass will cause them to get pissed
enough to publicly ridicule you, as you've likely noticed. You probably 
have your feelings hurt and think its unfair, but most everyone else will
enjoy it a lot.

- Never, under any circumstances, post something like "remove me" directly
to a mailing list. This will never work, and may even result in you being 
the list forever, depending on how sadistic the list maintainer is feeling
that day.

All that being said, here are the directions one more time. Please study
them very carefully:

To unsubscribe, send email with the word unsubscribe in the subject and 
of your message, with no signature files or anything else, to:


For the digest version, use Loopers-Delight-d-request.

Or, check the website, 


Kim Flint, MTS                     kflint@chromatic.com
Chromatic Research                 408-752-9284