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Re: This looper list

At 23.42 01/06/98 PDT, you wrote:
>>I've been on this list for a bout 2 weeks not and I hate to admit it, 
>but =
>>I have no idea what you guys are talking about most of the time.  I =
>>subscribed thinking this was a list about looping techniques, which I =
>>guess it is, but it seems like most people are using more experimental 
>>ways of making  loop based music.   Me, I've got a sampler and use Pro 
>>Tools extensivly for drum&bass-ish type music, never used a reel to 
>reel =
>>tape or some strange looping device that people seem to be speaking of 
>on =
>>this list.   Am I on the wrong list?  Anyone else out there doin' what 
>>I'm doin'?
>>just wondering...
>>Have a happy day,
>y'know, I agree with you. I make music using looped drum beats, bass 
>lines & FX and whatever. I use samples & synths and whatever. I kind of 
>expected people to be talking about FX boxes or samples they have lifted 
>or problems of timing or software they think is cool. I keep thinking 
>maybe I should quit this list but then there are some interesting and 
>knowledgable posts every so often.
>have a good day yerself

HI guys

I think here you can find both worlds covered. I mean, we talk about live
looping with dedicated devices (jamman, echoplex, etc.) done by
"traditional" musicians like guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, etc. based
on the work of people like Fripp, Torn, Reich, Riley, etc BUT there're
people (me included) that edit and program their drum sequences, jungle
grooves or electronic patterns like a Dj would do. 
We often talk about sampler, software (see the never ending Sonic FOundry
Acid topic), FX box and GEAR (maybe too much??). 

I think this is the interesting aspect of LD: I'd like to go beyond. What
about a collaboration on the same project by 2 or more musicians from every
side of looping? Why a looping DJ can't provide rhytmhic foundamentals to a
"space" ambient loop for a "frippy" guitarist? Some big beat over complex
overdubbed parts? Or techno sampling abbined to reel to reel looping?


PS no offense intended for the purists, both areas. :)