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Re: DJ loopage

>A good 20 second mix on a break or punch is all you need from one song to
>the next.  The efx boxes are for adding efx to a track ,like
>short delay to get a double beat effect or a flange even a massive
>reverb when a track is building up, this adds major heat to the floor.  I
>use middi verbs, so I can change parameters with my controller.  The thing
>about using loops, one shot sounds, and efx
>is it gives you the creater a unique sound all of your own that no
>one can duplicate.  It only takes a little, less is more, but it can make
>the difference between ok or great.  A straite beat mixer can get a little
>boring. You need a good fade and cue for drastic tempo and style change, a
>good break mix hear and there to add punch when comming from a less
>energetic track to a higher one,
>loops, one shot dub samples, some efx, a little creativity, and a killer
>light man, even if you have to train him.
>                                                        Dj MegaFun.


I'm really impressed! It sounds fantastic!
This is the variety I like here!!

I'd like to know more about your approach.

Do you use the sampler for playing over the records only, or you play your
sequences too?
How much memory the MPC 2000 has?
It has a sequnecer inside too?