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Re: DJ loopage, Megafun!

-----Original Message-----
From: matthew hahn <esker@mail.utexas.edu>
To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>
Date: Tuesday, June 02, 1998 9:45 AM
Subject: Re: DJ loopage, Megafun!

> I use aDenon 2000F for cd mixing and
>>technics 1200 MK2's for turntables.
>!How do you know you have the timing down when you bring the sample into
>the live mix    >First off the Dennon   2000F, not the Mk2 for some reason
the newer model's tracking is not is good as the old one ,is the bomb for 
mixing.  Mixing a cd is the same as mixing records except you cue by 
the start button and not rocking the record back and forth.  Tempo handles 
little diferent, believe it or not the response time is faster   on the
Technics.    That leads us to mixing in a loop.  With the Mpc the start 
is fast enough, it's just as fast or faster than the Denon.   I've been
mixing for 18 years, so I can pretty much tell you how fast a track is
going.  you set the tempo of the loop as close as you can get it then when
you cue up you can use the tempo sliders on your cd players or turntables 
your close enough the crowd will never hear it>!I presume live you are
turntables?  Pitchsifting for cds is affordable but
>most seem to not respect it.   Who cares what other people think your the
one in charge.   Under ground music I play vinyl and for commercail I play
cd's.                                                 I work with two cd
players and an ancient
>though bitchass sony record player.
>!It also seems to me that not enough people bring in these samples, aka
>Joker USA came through recently, and all I saw them do was look down on 
>tables at the Red Room.  Although their drum n bass was pretty good, they
>didn't really move me much more than improving my dancing.
>!What city do you mix in?  I live and play in Louisiana where my family 
been in the night club business for 25 years.
>My point is you can pump up a
>>track with a loop when other wise you may not play
>>the record at all.  Say you want to add some bass booms to a couple of
>>in the middle of a track boom boom the crowd goes mad because you have
>>introduced a new ellement.
>!Totally, I'm not sure if Diesel Boy did this when he came through town,
>but I was amazed at all the stuff he was bringing in.  I was actually too
>busy dancing to check out his gear.  His lps/cds  unfortunately, off his
>own stuff, unless I'm mistaken from the single one I have are not very
>!THis same could be said for more strict interpretations of looping, new
>elements or spice is evolution, movement.
>  You have
>>to let go of long mixes when using loops because of set up time.
>>A good 20 second mix on a break or punch is all you need from one song to
>>the next.
>!So it sounds like you create a loop for a particular song?  You have to 
your home work.  It takes time to mix in loops, so you have less time for
mixing song to song.
>  The efx boxes are for adding efx to a track ,like
>>short delay to get a double beat effect or a flange even a massive
>>reverb when a track is building up, this adds major heat to the floor.  I
>>use middi verbs, so I can change parameters with my controller.
>!What does this gizmo look like, is this in the MPC 2000, no se, aka
>smallfry to the supersize... I probably missed the name of the one you 
>is it rackmount or on the table?   I use the ALESIS Middi verb- 4 of them,
and the sample verb inside the MPC.  Midi verbs are rack modules.  They 
midi, so you can change parameters live from a controller.
>Yeah lightmen tend to suck/ AKA be a stand in for one of the people that
>are trying to unsubscribe.  Har har
>I agree with all that you are saying, THANKS!!  I've been talking about
>these very same issues with others and it's great to know what you are
>It's amusing these days that everyone and their grandmotha wantz to be a
>DJ.  Hopefully they will take some heed after grinding their teeth and
>wondering somewhere in the back of there mind why Chemical Brothers sounds
>excessively inadequate, but maybe with some heavy tweaking...
> You can run your sampler through an analoug filter like the D-pole if
that's your thing.
>Again thanks