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Re: DJ loopage, Megafun!

> << How do you know you have the timing down when you bring the sample 
>  the live mix, do you fadeout the mix and then send in the I'm gonna rock
>  the floor loop or sample? >>
> Wouldn't you just monitor it through the monitor section on the mixer, 
> bringing up the main level? That's how I work loops on my (admittedly not
> good) Gemini.

Yeah, though on my also not very good (probably not even as good as the 
Radio Shack, there isn't a way to monitor the sampler (it's a part of the 
until you bring it up! Makes life interesting - also points up the 
between the improvisor and the DJ. I don't DJ very often, but when I do in 
its in
one of two guises  - either as an experimentalist or a shake your body, 
feel the
noise, party DJ. Sometimes the boundary blurs and this is what I love about