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Re: This looper list is wacked out

essentially you are doing what we're doing, and we're doing what you're
doing as well...
the difference lies within the "type" of "sampler"... you use a
dedicated sampler rthat probably has all types of memory and is
poly-phonic (multitimbral)... most of the people on this list are using
rackmountable gear produced and marketed as looping equipment... having
eight to one hundred and ninety eight seconds, dependant upon the
I know what you mean about the list, somepeople get psycho on this list
for very little reason, so much so that the email burden ain't worth
email w/ questions/comments if ya like...

                                                take care
Mark Camp wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been on this list for a bout 2 weeks not and I hate to admit it, 
>but I have no idea what you guys are talking about most of the time.  I 
>subscribed thinking this was a list about looping techniques, which I 
>guess it is, but it seems like most people are using more experimental 
>ways of making  loop based music.   Me, I've got a sampler and use Pro 
>Tools extensivly for drum&bass-ish type music, never used a reel to reel 
>tape or some strange looping device that people seem to be speaking of on 
>this list.   Am I on the wrong list?  Anyone else out there doin' what 
>I'm doin'?
> just wondering...
> Have a happy day,
> -M