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This looper

right on ... where are all the answers located, gimme that list..;0)

chris lamb wrote:
> >Hello,
> >
> >I've been on this list for a bout 2 weeks not and I hate to admit it,
> but =
> >I have no idea what you guys are talking about most of the time.  I =
> >subscribed thinking this was a list about looping techniques, which I =
> >guess it is, but it seems like most people are using more experimental
> =
> >ways of making  loop based music.   Me, I've got a sampler and use Pro
> =
> >Tools extensivly for drum&bass-ish type music, never used a reel to
> reel =
> >tape or some strange looping device that people seem to be speaking of
> on =
> >this list.   Am I on the wrong list?  Anyone else out there doin' what
> =
> >I'm doin'?
> >
> >just wondering...
> >
> >Have a happy day,
> >
> >-M
> >
> y'know, I agree with you. I make music using looped drum beats, bass
> lines & FX and whatever. I use samples & synths and whatever. I kind of
> expected people to be talking about FX boxes or samples they have lifted
> or problems of timing or software they think is cool. I keep thinking
> maybe I should quit this list but then there are some interesting and
> knowledgable posts every so often.
> have a good day yerself
> chris
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