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Interactive looping


To round out my artistic "pallet" I've been working with Macromedia's
Director on a Macintosh.  It's got some pretty decent audio capabilities,
and although it's not documented in the manual (why, who knows?) it has
the ability to loop 8 mono channels of audio as well as show animations or
QuickTime movies at the same time.  If one does not mind learning it's
scripting language, you can do some pretty kooky things with it.  There is
also ways one can configure it to accept MIDI commands, although I haven't
gone there yet.  I've also heard that people have wrote "xtras" (plug in
software) that can allow you to record audio with the program.  I haven't
experimented with that either, but the possibilites sound interesting.  My
JamMan is shuddering.