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Re: Looping and Composing

> definitely fall into the third (tape-on-the-fly) catagory. Paolo Vallado 
> down at UCSD, isn't he? Can you speak to the Ferneyhough issue? Overall, 

Sorry, I can't.  I haven't kept in touch with what the UCSD folks are 
Last I heard it was George Lewis and Miller Puckette who were the faculty
guys who were into interactive electronic music.   At that time, the 
rest of the faculty that was involved in electronics was more into pure 
composition ( you work out all your ideas on the computer then commit it
to tape for a tape performance or execute your composition as a 
computer program. Either way the end result is a machine - being the 
or tape player - outputing your music as "set in stone" by you. )   More
and more graduate students started following the path of Miller and Lewis,
though.  I recall an interactive sculpture that rung its chimes in certain
ways depending on what you fed it's microphone.