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Re: Sure - you've heard it all before

I don't know if you saw my comments about caching settings and such?
Also, you might have had a bad setting made when 'inheriting' settings
from your previous program.

I do have to admit that, in a period prior to my video adapter
failing, a number of page faults would appear while performing what
would have otherwise mundane wav edits.  Do diagnostics on your video
adapter if you have them - probably outside of Windows.  And of course
check the Control Panel/System icon, to see if Windows sees any
conflicts or device errors.

Stephen Goodman  * It's... The Loop Of The Week (this week, Phil
EarthLight Studios    * http://www.earthlight.net/Studios

-----Original Message-----
From: Steve Lauder <steve.lauder@elspa.com>
To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>
Date: Wednesday, June 03, 1998 3:05 AM
Subject: Re: Sure - you've heard it all before

>Thanks for the advice stephen - I should have mentioned all of this
>I defrag my Hard Drive once a month and run full ScanDisks once a
week.  I
>have 500mb free space on the hard drive, 512k PLB cache, and I get
>errors for trying to play two 3.8mb WAV files together.  When I
>VST I took all setup information from my previous version of Cubasis,
>ran with no problems.
>I take it this means it doesn't like something in my hardware
>then (I've been told VST is quite heavily bugged).
>Any more advice would be greatly appreciated.