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Re: DJ loopage, Megafun!

In a message dated 98-06-03 05:30:28 EDT, you write:

<< > << How do you know you have the timing down when you bring the sample
 >  the live mix, do you fadeout the mix and then send in the I'm gonna rock
 >  the floor loop or sample? >>
 > Wouldn't you just monitor it through the monitor section on the mixer,
 > bringing up the main level? That's how I work loops on my (admittedly not
 > good) Gemini.
 Yeah, though on my also not very good (probably not even as good as the
 Radio Shack, there isn't a way to monitor the sampler (it's a part of the
 until you bring it up! Makes life interesting - also points up the
 between the improvisor and the DJ. I don't DJ very often, but when I do in
its in
 one of two guises  - either as an experimentalist or a shake your body, 
 noise, party DJ. Sometimes the boundary blurs and this is what I love 
 DJing. >>

You might want to check into one of the Gemini mixers.... many offer 
in various lengths, and they all allow separate monitoring of the incoming
signals (or samples) without sending to the main mix. And they're not 

Your djing sounds like mine - I'm either using the mixer as another sound
tool, or I am bringing a box of discs and the mixer and rocking a 
houseparty -
but not a lot of real "dj" d-jing, beatmatching, stuff like that. 

- Bill