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boomerang idea

what i had always thought of as a short-coming of the rang, the way it
attenuates the original loops, the more you stack loops the first ones
diminish in volume until they are gone. last nite i was jammin with a 
and we both were going through the rang, i put in some chords and a little
bass and a little coloration (accents etc.) and then we played over this
loopage. by keeping the stack button (input) depressed we were able to make
the loop evolve. the original chords would fade then the bass and so on 
there was an entire new base loop. whenever it got interesting i would let 
on the stack button and play over the new loop till i wanted to change it
again.  in all, we went for good while (about 10 mins) with a seamless
continually changeing mass (mess) of sound. of course many of the loops 
input backwards (still lost in the 60's).
this is the first time i had 2 people play into 1 rang and was pleased to 
the potential of this set up. so if you gots da rang give this a try.
the longer the loop (first) this defines the overall length, the longer it
takes to have it evolve with the stack button depressed. this is a 
feature of this oh so simple beast. anyone have any other ideas?? rang
sorry if this is old stuff.