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Re: Fw: boomerang idea

>Traditional delays always have a knob
>that lets you set feedback to any level, dynamically. It's a very creative
>tool for looping. I'm always a bit suprised that many of the newer phrase
>sampler things don't have it at all.

Wow, I consider this an essential feature for the real-time looper.  I'll 
often have two delay lines set to less than infinite repeat and be 
feeding both simultaneously in sort of looping-fugue jugglefest.  

I was thinking about features I'd like to see in new loopers, and I'd 
like to have the option to set precisely how many repeats I get before 
the signal vanishes completely.  For instance, I'd love to have precisely 
two repeats at almost full level, as opposed to the traditional feedback 
implementation where they gradually die off to simulate a real-world echo.

Travis Hartnett