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Re: JamMan regen discussion

>the JM is set in DELAY mode with a feedback level 1 and MIX all the way to
>the right - ie it produces one repeat only.  The signal goes from the Left
>output to the other amp input.  The signal goes from the Right output to a
>volume pedal and back into to Right input.
>The only drawback is that you have to spend time balancing the "input" and
>"output" levels - about 2 o'clock and 12 o'clock work for me.  And
>surprisingly, noise doesn't seem to be a major factor even though the
>signal is constantly shifting between digital and analogue.

A cleaner solution if you can live with only 16 settings of feedback, I
would think, would be to use an expression pedal and some kind of MIDI
filter that converts continuous controller values to the appropriate
program change messages (why the JamMan doesn't just do this in the
first place? we'll never know).  I don't know how much of an advantage
having the nice continuous feedback changes instead of the discrete
steps is, though, in terms of smooth changes when you set them.

Personally, I much prefer just turning the feedback knob to 13 or
whatever, because then I get a rate of fade that I know exactly what
it is.  (I.e., I'll be playing along and think, oh, I want stuff to
fade out faster, probably at 11 or so.)  If the continuous control
had some kind of digital readout (perhaps the plex does), that would
cover that need, but I don't see how you could reasonably do that
if you're using an analog volume pedal in the feedback loop.